Praise For
      Stones of the New Consciousness

"The internal fire of Robert Simmons warms this writing—or, I should say, fires it up, so that you can see your life in a new light and feel a new kind of love ignited  . . . It contains perhaps the deepest mysteries of the Earth—and of the Cosmos. . . . The purpose of this writing is to invite us into a process without end—a new way of living."
from the Introduction by Robert Sardello, PhD, author of Love and the Soul

"In the crucial quest to restore accord between the human world and the living world which surrounds us, the reverent recognition of trans-human intelligence is our only chance. We have forgotten the indigenous wisdom that tells us 'all created things are People.' Stepping out of this prevailing amnesia, Robert Simmons takes us deep into a living rapport and relation with the 'Stone People.' This book is a gift to all who stand ready to enter the dance of participation, the never-ending co-creation of all that is."

Daniel Deardorff, author of The Other Within: The Genius of Deformity in Myth, Culture and Psyche

"Finally, a book that ventures deep into the true realm of human and mineral relationship! Robert has eloquently revealed the larger picture of human evolution and the role of minerals in the shift of Gaia at this time, as well as honestly detailing the journey to deep intimacy with our mineral teachers."

Naisha Ahsian, co-author of The Book of Stones and creator of The Crystal Ally Cards