About The Author
    Robert Simmons has been a student and investigator of many spiritual paths since a spontaneous mystical experience during his first year at Yale changed the course of his life. Fifteen years later, his encounter with Moldavite shifted and expanded his horizons yet again. In 1986 he married Kathy Helen Warner, and together they established their company, Heaven and Earth, which began as a crystal shop specializing in Moldavite then expanded into a mail-order company offering more than two thousand stone, gem and jewelry items to both individuals and stores. Robert and Kathy are co-authors of Moldavite: Starborn Stone of Transformation.
   Robert has been writing and teaching about the metaphysical properties of stones for more than twenty-three years. He co-authored The Book of Stones with Naisha Ahsian. He is also author of the award-winning visionary novel Earthfire: A Tale of Transformation. He collects stories of individuals who have undergone profound spiritual experiences with Moldavite and Azeztulite, with other crystals and minerals, or with no stones at all.
   He is co-founder of The Crystal Conference (www.thecrystalconference.com), a biennial four-day weekend of seminars in which teachers and students from around the world gather to explore the energies of the mineral realm.
    As an Atlantis alumnus, Robert enjoys working with minerals and crystals to create stone synergies in jewelry, tools and meditation environments. He is exploring the incorporation of high-vibration stones into labyrinths and healing spaces. He enjoys working on home improvements and is thus actively engaged in helping to transform the Earth into a Planet of Light. He welcomes all volunteers to join in this group activity.
    Robert sometimes travels to present workshops and talks on stone energies, spiritual evolution and other topics he enjoys. To contact him regarding a workshop or to share your story of spiritual awakening, send an e-mail to heavenandearth@earthlink.net.